Blijburg, Amsterdam's most excellent beach venue has just closed their doors after 15 years in service.
In this time they moved their temporary location 4 times until they finally settled.
They were told they could stay for the next 10 years, but because of the housing shortage in Amsterdam,
Blijburg was forced to shut their doors prematurely in order to build more houses on their location.

I was fortunate enough to work with them for the last 14 years.
Since then we created their identity a few times, as you can see here,
painted their walls and organised nine editions of the annually Costa del Soul festival.

When they finally settled on their fourth location, we recreated their identity for the last time,
as you can see in the designs on this page.

For the website I created the design, the coding and programming was done by Druktemaker
You can still see the site here, but the homepage has now been removed because of their closing.

Below the 4th and final location

The original Blijburger beer I designed in 2006, with a picture of the first Blijburg location on the label.

Silkscreened Menu's for Blijburg aan Zee (in collaboration with Mr Adam)

Summer party and Garage Sale posters in collaboration with Christiaan Dros

For all of Blijburg their customers and friends we developed a memory card game with 92 cards,
including all the landmarks and highlights of the past 15 years.

And at last me and Christiaan Dros were asked to create the last poster for their final event; 'La Grande Finale', a three days festival with loads of artist an musicians that performed during the previous 15 years

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