At the beginning of this year, Chris and I were asked to design and illustrate a poster campaign for
the Committee for the Commemoration of Prince Rainier III in Monaco. They were going to Honour the infamous Prince Rainier III with a big birthday party that would take place on the 31st of May. Prince Rainier would have turned a hundred years old had he still lived, And so we were asked to create an illustration that reflected all the traditional festivities that were going on at "Le Rocher"—the rock of Monaco, where the old town and royal palace is situated. We created a few sketches, of which the committee chose one.

The event was held for the 9500 Monégasque residents and all the kids that attend schools in Monaco. Chris and I were among the very few foreigners who got invited to this event. We came a few days earlier to sign a limited edition of 350 Giclee prints that were created from our illustration and were given away to friends of the committee. The image is drawn with a pencil on paper and colored with a computer. The art direction was in the hands of Mikael Barelaud of the local Mikado agency, who arranged this fantastic job for us; thanks again!
A few days after we returned home, we got the sad news that Albert Croesi, one of the staff members of the committee, had past away. Chris made a beautiful portrait of him. r.i.p.
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